7th IEEE Broadband wireless access workshop (BWA2011)
9 Dec. 2011, Houston, Texas, US

colocated with IEEE GLOBECOM 2011



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Internet access is undergoing a fundamental change. More powerful devices and lower cost radio technologies are facilitating the transition to the Mobile Internet where users can access through different devices and access technologies a diverse range of services and applications anytime, anywhere. However, the huge increase in demand that this brings cannot easily be met by current radio access systems. Hence, there is a need for more powerful, more efficient, higher speed, lower cost radio technologies and architectures for Broadband Wireless Access.

There is much energy within the community to develop more advanced BWA technologies - activities span the wireless domain, ranging from more advanced antenna technologies to cooperative relays to mesh networking systems and many more: future networks will likely employ some mix of these different mechanisms. We anticipate that this 4th workshop will continue the series of successful workshops, providing a forum for new research results and reports on practical experience working with innovative technologies in the domain of Broadband Wireless Access. The workshop, then, is soliciting contributions including but not limited to topics listed below:

Incumbent and Future BWA Technologies, UMTS, HSPA, LTE, LTE-Advanced, 802.16x
Self Configuring and Self Optimizing Networks
Repeater, Mesh, Relay, Femto and Pico Base Station based Solutions
Vehicular Networks
Radio Resource Management, Admission Control, Power Control and Scheduling
QoS and QoE in Mobile and BWA Networks
Cross-Layer Optimization Concepts and Experimental Evaluation
Multi-Antenna Technologies, Beamforming, Antenna Selection, Rank Adaptation, etc.
Single and Multiuser MIMO Techniques
Cooperative and Collaborative Networking, Network MIMO
Interference Mitigation, Cancellation, Coordination and Alignment
Channel Estimation Techniques

Wireless Network Management
Capacity Planning and Traffic Engineering
Characterization of BWA Traffic
Traffic, Mobility and Channel Models
Design and Evaluation of Testbeds and Field Trials
Experiences/Lessons from Recent Deployments
Large-scale and Heterogeneous BWA Evaluations

Multi-Access Networks, Vertical and Horizontal Integration
Interoperability Aspects (Fixes/Mobile LANs/MANs. WANs)
Micro and Macro Mobility Management
Multicarries Operation and Carrier Aggregation
Spectrum Management, Regulatory Issues
Cognitive and Dynamic Spectrum Management Techniques
Alternative Network Deplyment, Dense Networking
Integration of Device to Device Communications to Cellular Networks
Broadcasting and Multicasting in BWA Networks
Green Networking and Energy Efficient Algorithms
Network Coding and its Applications in Wireless Systems


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